What is Tally ERp9 on AWS Cloud ?

Tally on AWS Cloud

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You know that being an entrepreneur, business house or business firm, it is always in your mind to get help you stay connected with your business and accounting information irrespective of the Place where you are. Tally Solutions, which is India’s leading business management software provider, has collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) at its Safest Cloud Servers, the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud service, to make Tally’s flagship products including Tally ERp9, available on the Cloud. As a part of this collaboration, virtual machines have been provided by AWS Cloud to allow you to use your Tally ERp9 and other Tally Software license and data remotely from any Place in the World, thus ensuring that you are always connected to your business and / or Finance & Accounts Information uploaded by you, by your staff or even by any other member of your family through electronic mode on the AWS Cloud Server meant for you.

If you are an existing customer of Tally and are looking to host your license and data online, then Tally ERp9 powered by AWS Cloud is the solution for you and all of your associates. Business Houses with distributed operations can be benefited immensely by using Tally on Cloud solution as well.

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