About Amazon Web Services

All About Tally on AWS

All About running Tally on AWS Servers 24×7- World’s Fastest and most secured Servers

Amazon Web Services offer fully integrated and flexible cloud-based technology dais consisting of a wide range of computing, storage, analytics, database, application & delivery services that help enterprises drive innovation and scale up their business services.

About Amazon Web Services (AWS) : It is the most advanced and broadly acknowledged cloud platform in the world and provides more than 175 fully integrated data center facilities globally. Amazon provides a wide range of services in computing, storage, analytics, database, application & distribution that help businesses drive innovation and extend their services. Millions of customers are using AWS to cut prices, become more competitive and innovate more quickly.

Amazon Web Services empowers the new and established businesses to partially or completely build their digital infrastructure in the cloud, rendering the on-premise data center, a thing of the past. The AWS cloud ensures reliability of the network, compliance with security requirements and the ability to quickly extend or shrink the network to meet your needs and optimize your budget, all without initial equipment investment.

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