Tally Single User @ 18000/-

Free 1 NTT Standard Cloud User for 1 year

Lifetime license with 1 year free TSS

Anywhere 24x7 Any Device Access

Biz, Cred and Tdls work easily

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Looking to Buy Single User Tally Prime Silver or Tally Erp 9 Silver?

Any Device Access

Access your single-user or multi-user tally on PC, Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets, Windows, Mac, Android and Linux

Reliable 24x7 Servers

Fastest Intel Platinum Processor powered servers keeps your tally running 24x7 with blazing fast speed on 50 Gbps connectivity.

Automatic Backup

Your Tally Data is 100% safe with high security password encrypted automatic cloud backup.

Why Buy Tally Single User?

Tally is India's #1 accounting software. Single user tally allows you to use tally on any 1 pc when installed locally or from anywhere when installed on tally cloud. You can do eway billing, einvoicing, accounting, invoices, quotations and what not.

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Tally single user prime at best prices.
run tally single on tally cloud of NTT or AWS cloud

Why run Tally Single User on tally cloud servers?

Sometime you want to access your tally from both office and home or when you are on the move. But installing tally on your local pc will not help so you need tally cloud for it. With cloud you can access tally anytime and anywhere on pc, laptops, mobiles, tabs, iphone, android, mac etc. Also, when you have offices in multiple locations then tally cloud is the best solution.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

Before buying tally single user whether tally prime silver or tally erp 9, every customer has lot of questions in mind. Here are some of the FAQs by our customer. To see all the FAQs click here.

Tally prime is the India's # 1 accounting software. Its a complete erp solution that can be fully customised as per your business needs. Tally partners who do tdl customization works can help tailor tally so your business can benefit from it.

Tally prime comes in 2 flavors. Single User tally which is called tally prime silver and multi-user tally which is called tally prime gold.

NO. Single user license of tally prime silver can only be installed on 1 PC. So if you need to run tally on 2 pc then either you have to get 2 single user tally or 1 multi-user tally. Another option is to buy tally cloud service from tallyonlinecloud.com which allows you to run tally on any no. of pcs. Tally is installed on the fastest aws servers and you get to connect to your tally from any device from any where.

Natively, Tally does not support Tally on Mac or on Linux Operating system. Tally is created in C# .NET programming which is a Windows programing language. However, some providers trick and use third party tools like wine to run tally on mac / linux which is not safe at all as these third party tools are not created by tally. They are downloaded from free internet. This leads to attacks on your tally causing many users to lose their data. Only viable and best option to use Tally on Mac or on Linux is to have tally installed on the cloud servers and then use Macbook/ Linux Machines or any other device as a client to work on tally. This keeps your data safe as well.

Cost of Tally Prime Single User is Rs. 18000 + GST. However tallyonlinecloud.com runs special offers for its customers where you get a free Tally Cloud User (an annual value of Rs. 6000/-) on Nippon group's NTT Data Center servers with every purchase of tally silver license. You can pay additional Rs. 1200/- + GST per user to upgrade from NTT to Amazon's AWS Cloud also.

TallyOnlineCloud.com is a JV of 5-star Certified Tally partner. Tally solution certifies a partner at highest 5-star level only when its services are top most. quality. Being a JV of 5-star certified tally partner, we can provide you best rates and best of services. You can get tally setup, business implementation, tally customization, tally education and tally cloud services, all under the same umbrella.

Ofcourse. When you buy tally full priced (without special offers) you get full tally support with dedicated tally team number from our tally team free of cost that includes initial setup, configuration and limited operational support as discussed & agreed at time of sale. However, if you buy tally with free cloud offer, we pass on our share of benefits to you as the free cloud and provide you all kinds of tally software support on paid basis. However, cloud user provided free with tally silver will entitle you for free tally cloud related support for 1 year without any extra charges.

Ofcourse. Tally educational version is free to download for all and try most features of tally. However, educational version will not let you change voucher dates so that users don't misuse. Another option is to take fully working tally on rent basis. So one can get single user tally on aws servers on rental @ Rs. 599/- + GST. Feel free to browse all our tally rental plans

Affordable Tally on AWS (24x7) packages

TallyOnlineCloud.com presents best plans for running your tally erp9 or tally prime single or multi-user on superfast and secure Amazon's AWS cloud servers. Now you can work on your tally online from home, office or on the go with the reliablity of Amazon AWS Servers. Your Tally works via Browsers, Desktop Application and Microsoft RDP on 100% Tally Optimized AWS Servers by us as we Authorized AWS Partners.

Local DC Plan

Per Month Per User

  • Suitable for personal usage
  • Third Party Data Center
  • Works on all days 24x7
  • Upto 3 Companies per user
  • Store Upto 1 GB Excel, PDF files
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 100 Mbps Connectivity
  • 3 Days Full Backup retained
  • Fast v2 Processors
  • 10am to 7pm Support
  • Only Email/Whatsapp support
  • Strong Security
  • Billed Anually | GST Extra
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Nippon's NTT Plans

Per Month Per User

    • For small to large businesses
    • Nippon Group's NTT Data Center
    • Works on all days 24x7
    • Unlimited Companies
    • Unlimited Excel, PDF files storage
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • 1 Gbps Connectivity
    • 7 Days Full Backup retained
    • Super Fast Intel v4 Processor
    • Reliable 24x7 Support
    • Phone,Whatsapp,Email & Chat support
    • Strong Multi-Layer Security
    • Billed Anually | GST Extra
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Amazon AWS Plans

Per Month Per User

  • For small to large businesses
  • Amazon AWS Cloud Servers
  • Works on all days 24x7
  • Unlimited Companies
  • Unlimited Excel, PDF files storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 40 Gbps Connectivity
  • 7 Days Full Backup retained
  • Fastest AMD Ryzen Processor
  • Reliable Support 24x7
  • Phone,Whatsapp,Email & Chat support
  • Strong AWS VPC Security
  • Billed Anually | GST Extra
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Tally Single User

Buy through us the latest Tally Single User (Tally Prime Silver or Tally erp9 single user) license and also get one Tally on Cloud User for 1 Year absolutely free

Price 18000/- + GST

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Tally Multi User

Buy through us the latest Tally Multi User (Tally Prime Gold or Tally erp9 multi user)and get 2 AWS Cloud Tally User for 1 Year absolutely free

Price 54000/- + GST

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Tally on Rent

Rental Tally

Get Tally on rent to try tally before you buy or to get latest tally license on rental basis. You can get rental tally virtual user (TVU) on tally cloud aws servers. View our rental Plans

Price Starting 499/- + GST

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